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Importance of Annual Seasonal Flu Shot

Influenza can have serious implications, leading to hospitalization. Every seasonal flu is different and can impact people in a different way. Influenza can even cause healthy people to fall sick and spread it to the people around them.

Statistics of the past 30 years or so show a significant increase in the number of flu-associated deaths, which also makes it crystal clear that we shouldn't take flu lightly and take the shots as early as possible to avoid any complications.

It has also been found that the people who suffer most from seasonal flu are either too young or too old. So, we have to ensure that we take our seasonal flu vaccine on time and make our loved ones do the same, to not only reduce the chances of getting flu ourselves but also spreading it to others in our neighborhood.

So, how do flu shots work? Flu vaccines build antibodies inside our body that fight against seasonal infection and protect our bodies from flu symptoms. Although you can get these shots at clinics, doctor's offices, pharmacies, and other such places, it is best to visit an urgent care clinic to avoid the wait and be attended to as soon as you walk in.

Get your flu shots every season to make your body fully immune to flu viruses and because the shot you took last year may not work this year as these viruses are constantly developing. You need to get vaccinated every year for complete protection from influenza.