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Three Points Guide to Beating Spring Allergies This Season

Oh, Spring again! This is that wonderful time of year when the weather begins to get warmer and everything in your garden is blooming to welcome the new season. But this new season is not pleasant to all. For many Americans, the herald of spring brings a myriad of nuisances: itchy eyes and constant sneezing, running noses, heavy heads, and much more. Well, you get it right. These all are the symptoms of spring allergies.

Spring is the time when seasonal allergies set in. With the blooming of trees and plants starts the releasing of pollen into the atmosphere. And individuals with seasonal allergies begin their annual ritual of sneezing and sniffing. Each year, around 60 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergic rhinitis, which is more commonly known as, hay fever. Here is a strategy to beat spring allergies:

Spend less time outdoors Staying inside, especially on windy days, can provide you with a great deal of relief. During the early morning hours, pollen counts are the highest. So try to spend less time in the open air during these hours. Also, when you enter your home, take a shower and change your clothes. This will help you keep pollen at bay.

Adjust your abode Just a few changes in your home can make a big difference. You should keep all windows shut to prevent the entry of pollen. Keep your shoes outside your home. This will keep allergens outside. And you should clean the floor of your home with a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. Don’t smoke as it can aggravate the symptoms.

Take precautions Prevention is better than cure. You should start taking preventive medicine long before the spring begins if you have a history of spring allergies.

Prompt Urgent Care has qualified and experienced medical professionals on board to make spring season easier for individuals who have seasonal allergies. Visit our walk-in clinic to know more about spring allergies.