Mental Health during COVID-19: A how-to guide

Mental Health during Pandemic

2020 has been a roller coaster and COVID-19 was the biggest bump in the road. And you have to agree that in the fight to save our physical health, our mental health may have suffered a lot due to quarantine and being away from our work, friends, and family. While quarantine may have been lifted in a lot of countries and states, the virus still exists and we still need to take care while attending crowded gatherings.

So in this situation, how can one take care of their mental health so it isn’t affected by the medical threat of the virus or the distance from our people? We’ve got a few tips that can help you out:

  • Physical Exercise

Physical exercise has long been proven to be a great booster for mental and physical health. So it makes sense that while your life is paused in other aspects, you stay active physically. While it’s true that gyms may not be a good idea at this time, you can always check in with your trainers on Zoom or check YouTube for workout routines that work for you.

  • Food and Nutrition

Not eating can lead to multiple health problems, including lethargy, and even anxiety. While self-isolating or working from home, you can make sure that your diet is well planned so you can stay fit even as you stay at home. Have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner on time so that both your food and physical exercises can work for the best. And remember to stay hydrated because that’s the key to good health.

  • Sleep Cycle Maintenance

As important as exercise and food are, your sleep is equally important. Make sure that you follow an 8-hour sleep cycle because it works great for your mind, body, and skin alike.

  • Break the Routine

You may be working or studying from home, or following strict SOPs as you go to work. But this means that you’re following a routine, which can be a dent in your mental wellbeing. Routine tasks are fun, but the predictability can bring about a mental block that can’t be challenged without creative breaks. So make sure you have entertainment or other options planned out so you can take breaks whenever work or life becomes too much.

  • Stay in Touch

Despite quarantine and isolation, social media has made sure that you can stay in touch with your family and friends. Not only that, but you should also stay in touch with your primary care provider so you can be safe and COVID-free after following all SOPs.

And if your primary care provider isn’t available, you can always visit Prompt Urgent Care where our expert doctors can help you out without fail.