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Sports Physicals and School Physicals: Prompt Check-up Facility near San Antonio, TX


Prompt Urgent Care brings you the ultimate sports and physical tests at an affordable rate. If your child is above 6 years or older and partaking in sports, we will protect them from injuries by regular school physical and sports physical check-ups under expert medical faculty.

You can get thorough sports physicals before participating in any sports event in your school or sports academy with us. The services of Prompt Urgent Care go beyond sports physical examination and focuses on school physicals as well. Now, you don’t need an appointment to get your physicals done with us. If you are ready to start your school or join a sports club, we are ready to conduct physicals and aid you medically to prepare for the upcoming event.

Our physical examination services for school, sports, or camps range between $30-$40 per child per session. We offer a wide range of physical exams under each testing session. We have centres in different corners of San Antonio, Texas. Connect with our local centre and get an appointment for your child’s physicals today.

Sports physicals services we offer


Prompt Urgent care offers comprehensive sports physicals service where our experienced doctors and medical professionals examine the athlete for their flexibility, vitals, etc. Booking a sports physical exam with us doesn’t require any vaccination report. However, we always advise bringing your medical history files along during the test. It helps us understand any prevailing illness or immunization to tests in the athlete.

The sports physicals services generally include

  • Thorough vital checking for blood pressure, pulse rate
  • Checking the height, weight, and growth rate of the athlete
  • Vision evaluation and possible remedy under an eye expert
  • Complete assessment of your child’s health like checking the lungs, heart, abdomen, etc., to understand their ability to partake in school sports events.
  • Checking the joints for flexibility.
  • Evaluating the medical history of a child to understand the history of any previous illness, injuries, or surgeries.

Sports physicals requirements


Prompt Urgent Care offers sports physical exams for $30-$40 depending on the location and the number of examinations you choose. You can opt for a self-pay option or pay with insurance. We accept all kinds of State Health Department approved insurances. Our physical exam facilities are available until late hours. You can book a suitable time at our website.

A sports physical is essential for every child before every sports season. If your child plans to be a part of any sports event, we recommend getting it done now.

Once you have an appointment with us, carry the below documents

  • Sports physical medical form as given by your sports administrator to be signed by us
  • Past medical reports
  • Vaccination card, if any

Sports Physical’s requirements vary with the sports where you participate and your State. You can also check the requirements with the administrator of your school sports event. Different schools have different specifications that need clearance from a doctor.

School physicals we offer


Similar to a sports physical exam, a child needs school physical exams regularly. We at Prompt Urgent Care advise getting a school physical check-up before every academic year. Many schools are nowadays asking for these check-up reports. During the school physical exams, our doctors evaluate the physical health condition of a child, study their past medical reports, and prepare a new report with an understanding of their present health. It is the best way to determine the possibilities of any future illness.

Our school physicals services include

  • Height, weight, and fitness measurement to understand the general health conditions of a child.
  • Comprehensive assessment of a child’s health by checking vitals, flexibility, vision, etc.
  • Updating their vaccinations
  • Providing prescription for lenses or any illness in case the reports display urgency.
  • Preparing a complete assessment report after evaluating the general health and medical history of a child
  • Our doctors guide parents on a further course of action they need to take for their health, which sports events are suitable for the child to participate in, etc.

School physicals requirements


School physical requirements are very similar to that of sports physical needs. Though it is not a mandate to carry your medical history and vaccination cards to a physical check-up clinic, we always recommend getting them for a better evaluation. The physical requirements change with schools. We offer our school physical services for $30-$40, depending on the reports your school needs. If your school needs a specialist to do the check-ups and sign your report, charges are additional. We accept all insurances approved by the Health Department of the State.

The documents you need to carry to our clinic are

  • School physical form, given by your child’s school
  • School physical requirement list, given by the school administrator
  • Medical history reports
  • Vaccination cards

Before you book an appointment for your school physical services with us, we recommend consulting with the school administrator and teachers to understand the physical requirements set by the school’s governing body.

Sports physicals and school physicals forms


Are you wondering where to get the sports or school physical form? Generally, your child’s sports academy, club, or school provide you with a comprehensive form. This form needs submission by the parents with the administrator along with sports or school physical reports. The form mentions the number of physical exams you need to participate in sports or admission in the next academic year. Our doctors conduct the physicals based on the requirements mentioned in these forms, prepare a report and sign the form once dully filled with all information.

Book an appointment for sports physicals and schools physical


Prompt Urgent Care offers easy sports and school physical booking methods. Visit us and fill up the appointment form online. Mention your child’s details like name, age, school, physical requirements, etc. and we will get back in no time. Get an appointment online and save time on walk-in physicals.

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